In Sweden, the Muslim community numbers nearly a million, many of whom, like their fellow citizens, lead active lifestyles, ranging from casual workouts to professional sports. With Ramadan, they face a distinct challenge: maintaining their exercise regimen while abstaining from food and drink from dawn till dusk. There's a notable lack of accessible, clear advice on how to balance fasting with staying active, leaving many to grapple with a difficult choice between their physical activity and spiritual commitments. 

Yet, the achievements of Muslim athletes such as Mohamed Salah and Karim Benzema demonstrate that not only is it feasible to continue exercising during fasting periods, but it can also be beneficial for health. Every athlete, whether a marathon runner or a boxer, invests in thorough mental and physical preparation. The freedom to exercise is a right everyone should enjoy, and pursuing any ambitious goal requires thoughtful planning. The scarcity of direct and motivational guidance often restricts fasting Muslims from maintaining their physical activity during Ramadan. 

With this initiative, Adidas steps in to bridge this gap, ensuring that Muslims need not sacrifice their fitness routines during their fast. Learn how to harmoniously blend your spiritual observance with your fitness goals. Be inspired by the training routines of elite athletes, the knowledge of experienced coaches, the expertise of physiotherapists, and the practical advice from lifestyle coaches. Adidas is committed to empowering you with effective strategies to sustain your workout momentum through Ramadan, supporting your journey every step of the way.

Ramadan Kareem,