What is From Sunrise to Sunset about? 
From Sunrise to Sunset is an initiative that has been launched by adidas, based on the realisation that many physically active Muslims feel that they are faced with a choice as Ramadan approaches, to either fast and opt out of training or to maintain their training and opt out of fasting. This is because the information on training while fasting is scarce, to say the least, and it is here that adidas wants to contribute. The purpose of the initiative is to highlight the issue of training and fasting through the stories of Swedish Muslims, and thereby provide both information and inspiration to individuals who want to remain physically active during Ramadan. 

Adidas is committed to supporting those eager to continue their fitness journey during Ramadan, focusing on providing essential guidance and preparation tools. We stand by the principle that the opportunity to exercise should be accessible to all, recognizing that while professional athletes often have a network of coaches and experts to support them, the everyday exerciser usually does not. This year, our goal is to bridge that gap, democratizing access to professional insights and offering practical advice to help Muslims navigate their workouts during Ramadan with confidence and ease.

Why is adidas doing this? 
There are almost a million Muslims living in Sweden. These include both professional athletes and everyday keep-fit enthusiasts who fast during Ramadan, and many of these people are faced with the choice of either fasting or continuing their training. At adidas, we want to challenge this with our initiative, From Sunrise to Sunset. We want to highlight the topic and gather valuable knowledge in order to both inform and inspire people, as well as to show that people who identify as Muslims shouldn’t have to choose between fasting or training during Ramadan. Our hope is that this initiative can encourage more physically active Muslims to feel comfortable and motivated to identify the training plan that suits them best.  

I don’t fast during Ramadan. Is this something for me?
We think so. For us at adidas, the aim of this initiative is not to get Muslims who train to start fasting, or to get Muslims who fast to start training. Both fasting and training are highly individual and work differently for different people, and in this initiative we are highlighting various perspectives and showing what you can do if you want to continue your training during the fasting month of Ramadan. 

How does Adidas assist in my Ramadan preparations?
Adidas provides support through our dedicated WhatsApp channel, where you can directly pose your questions and receive prompt replies from our expert panel. Furthermore, our website hosts a series of interviews with these experts, offering valuable tips and advice to enhance your Ramadan experience.

Why is preparation for Ramadan crucial?
Just as marathon runners and boxers meticulously prepare for their competitions, both mentally and physically, everyone with fitness goals should have access to the necessary resources to succeed. Proper planning is essential for overcoming significant challenges. The achievements of elite Muslim athletes, like Mohamed Salah, and the dedication of individuals who continue their exercise routines, such as attending Zumba classes even during Ramadan, illustrate that it's entirely feasible to combine fasting with physical activity successfully.

However, the scarcity of educational and motivational resources often leaves those observing Ramadan and wishing to maintain their fitness routines without the necessary guidance to do so effectively. Adidas recognizes this gap and is stepping in to offer practical advice and support. Our initiative focuses on highlighting the importance of preparation and providing actionable strategies to help individuals balance their exercise regimen with fasting, ensuring they can perform at their best.

Isn’t it dangerous to inspire people to train on an empty stomach? 
For us at adidas, the goal of this initiative is to provide inspiration and offer knowledge for people who want to continue their training during Ramadan. So if we can do that and show how it is possible to combine both aspects in a healthy way, we believe it is something we should be doing.

How do I follow the channel?

 Can I ask a question to your experts?
Yes! Follow the channel HERE and then press the phone number in the pinned chat to start a private conversation with our experts.

What do you do with the information sent to you privately? Do you store my information?
No, we do not store any information. All private chats are deleted after the campaign ends on April 9th. If you would like something to be removed before then, please contact julia.karlsson@obeya.se

I would really like to get involved in the initiative. Who do I contact? 
We are happy to receive any information that can contribute to knowledge on the subject of training during Ramadan. We are also happy to receive tips about interesting people who, in one way or another, can contribute with interesting perspectives on training during Ramadan. Contact Jakob Merlenius, jakob.merlenius@obeya.se. 

I'm a journalist and would like to come in contact with adidas. Who do I reach out to? 
For press related questions, please contact Jakob Merlenius at jakob.merlenius@obeya.se.